The design process...

The process from conception to delivery involves the following steps for the typical project. Not all steps will necessarily apply in each case.

Initial contact:  The customer contacts CK Controls either by phone, online, fax or email to request a quote. At this stage we are asking you to provide us with such information as a text description of what the application requires.  You describe to us in plain language what actions need to happen and in what order.  You describe the process as a verbal flow-chart of the necessary inputs and resulting output or action the control must provide.  Tell us what indications you feel you require to provide visual or audiable feedback to the operators.

We would like as much information you may have regarding any pre-existing motors, valves, solenoids, lights etc. that will become part of the control process. Let us know what voltages they operate on, their current requirements, approximate distances from the controls etc.  The better the initial detail, the more accurate our initial estimate can be.  If you already have plans or engineering drawings for this project please arrange to send us a copy.

If we will be doing the installation please let us know what the available electrical capacity is such as the line voltage, phase information and current capacity in amps available for this project. Indicate distance between installation and main panel supplying power for this installation. [Sample]

Interview: Our experienced control design experts will contact you to arrange an interview.  At this stage we will refine and fine-tune your specifications.  We will ask that you be prepared to have someone available to consult with us that has full knowledge of the project and who is able to convey to us any additional detailed information we may require to complete a design drawing in the form of a flow-chart for your approval. [Sample]

Review and final quote: Once we have applied the initial and interview information to a flow-chart diagram and presented this to you for review and approval, we can provide a firm quote to complete the project.

Approval: Upon receiving our proposal you accept or request refinement.

Systems design: At this point, having received your approval of our proposal and charts, we will develop electrical drawings necessary to construct the panel.  If you have an in-house engineer or electrical architect, we can provide copies of the diagrams for inspection and final approval if desired. [Sample]

Construction: Once we are all satisfied that the design will meet your specifications we will have our team of experts construct the actual control assemblies and any required interfaces.

Deliver / Installation: The completed control system will be shipped to your location.  If we are to complete installation, it will be scheduled following delivery and inspection.

Support: We provide one year guarantee of our controls with on-site repair within 200 miles of our facilities.  Outside of this area we may elect to travel to your location or make arrangements with a qualified local contractor to perform repairs at our expense.